1 bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul

There are a lot of different apartment options available in Istanbul if you are looking for 1 bedroom apartment for sale.

The major factors that will help you decide which property to buy are your purpose of buying, location and budget.

If you are planning to rent out your 1 bedroom apartment then you need to consider the area that will allow you to get the highest rental income throughout the year. At this stage, the price of the property and the location become very important. If you want a high rental income then you need to consider buying in popular location or crowded areas that will enable you to find tenant all the time with the rent price you ask for.

Buying a 1 bedroom apartment is a very good option for rental income. The finished and ready to move in apartments will allow you to start your rental income immediately however the price of the property will be in market range. If you consider to buy a 1 bedroom apartment off-plan then you can pay 30% in advance and most of the developers will give you the option to pay in installments up to 50 months depending on the project.

In this way, you spend less money for your investment and by paying monthly, you wont be risking your all investment at the beginning. Waiting for the off-plan project to be completed might take 1 or 2 years and then your tenant will be paying the rest of your installments to the developer.

We have many options either ready-to-move-in 1 bedroom apartments or off-plan projects available on or web site. To see the options that will suit you can visit our apartments section on our web site.