Either off-plan or turn-key, you will have plenty of options in Istanbul if you are interested in buying 2 bedroom apartment in Istanbul, Turkey.

Most foreign buyers choose to buy 2 bedroom apartments rather than one bedroom because they are aware of the fact that by payind 30% more of the sales price of 1 bedroom apartment you can have larger 2 bedroom apartment that will enable you to get higher rental income every month.

If you are planning to use the house for your own residency while you are in Turkey, then you will have plenty of space to have a comfortable stay and even welcome your guests. In Turkey, when you buy 2 bedroom apartment that means you will have another big living room for you. You need to consider 2 bedroom apartments as an apartment with 3 rooms. In any case, you will have 3 rooms to use and this advantage will come to you by paying 30% more of a 1 bedroom apartment cost.

Off-plan buyings will help you even to save more money because the cost of the apartment will be much lower that its real cost when it is completed and the other advantage will be that the developer will provide you the option to pay some amount of the cost in advance and pay the balance in installments. This will reduce your risk when you decide to invest in buying a property in Istanbul or any other city in Turkey.

Istanbul will always be the best option while investing in a property in Turkey. Coastel cities seem to have lots of properties but you should not forget that Istanbul is a world wide metropolitan city.

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