3 bedroom apartment for sale In Istanbul

In Turkey, when you say a 3 bedroom apartment that will definitely mean that a family will stay in that type of apartment. 3 bedroom apartments come with en-suite and a large living room.

Naturally, when you have more rooms in an apartment that will automatically increase the cost of the apartment. You can find 3 bedroom apartments in different sizes from 150 sqm to 250 sqm depending on the project. Luxury projects offer big spaces because when you buy a luxury apartment that will mean you are ready to pay more that average value of that property and you pay that balance for yor luxury and comfort in your apartment. No one can mislead you with small sqm apartment can be luxurious too.

Of course this situation is valid only for 3 bedroom apartments because you can find 50 sqm luxury residence and that is quite reasonable but if you are buying 3 bedroom luxury residence then you need to ask for more space

The rent value of 3 bedroom apartmant are not very much different that 2 bedroom apartments. The cost will be higher but the rental income will not be very distinctive. Most foreign buyers choose to buy 3 bedroom apartment in Istanbul for their own accomodation. That could be the best option because renting out a 3 bedroom apartment will take time and your tenant will be staying for a long time. This is considered both advantage and distadvantage for both local and foreign buyers because if you are pleased with your tenant then it is good to know that they will rent your flat for long time and you dont have to worry about finding a tenant. However, if you are not pleased with your tenant then it will be problem to wait for him or her to leave your apartment until your contract ends.

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