When you say a 5 star real estate in Turkey, all estate agents will lead you the 5 star hotels for sale in Turkey.

Luxury or vip properties might be called as 5 star real estate but what it means in Turkey is a commercial hotel with 5 stars

Investing in Turkey is very profitable especially if you consider to buy a 5 star hotel in Turkey. Either in Istanbul or any parts of Turkey, you never lose money as the country itself is full of historical areas and touristic areas that attracts foreigners who look for a comfortable vacation.

The costs in Turkey is much lower than other european countries and Turkey offers great sandy beaches and lots of ancient places to visit. In Istanbul, Taksim area and Bosphorus view hotels are the most popular ones for tourists and other 5 star hotels for business purposes are located in Maslak and Beylikduzu which has the biggest exhibition and convention center in Turkey called TUYAP.

With a good management, hotel investment is a golden opportunity for a foreign investor. Many international hotel chains have hotels in Turkey and you have to wait or have early reservation to find a room.

If you are considering to invest in a 5 star real estate in Turkey, that means you already know the concept and the profit range. Turkey will be a great opportunity to invest and gain turnover in a short time.

High quality hotels with good management are always good investments for both money and prestige.

We have a nuber of available 5 star hotels for sale in Istanbul, Turkey. If you prefer aegean coast or any other city then please contact us to find you the most suitable and profitable 5 star real estate for you