Apartment for sale in Alanya

Alanya offers a wide selection apartments for sale.

For any budget, you can easily find a suitable apartment flat for sale in Alanya.

The apartment concept is usually enabling the residents social amenities such as swimming pools and sports areas.

As Alanya has sun shine for 360 days of the year, you can enjoy the beaches and swimming pools even in winter.

1 bedroom apartment in Alanya addresses for holiday makers, singles and investors to let their properties.

If you plan to relocate in Alanya then we recommend you to buy a 2 bedroom apartment for a comfortable stay in your property.

Apartment rent in Alanya is another branch of property sector. You can easily find tenant either for short term or for long term for your property.

You can always find a letting agent in Alanya to help you rent your apartment.

For more information about apartments and new apartment projects in Alanya you can contact us.