Antalya is one of the most favorite cities in Turkey for foreign property buyers.

There are lots of available properties for sale in Antalya. Antalya apartments and Antalya villas are the most popular properties for sale. Especially Europeans and Russians come to Antalya for touristic purposes and the moment they land they fall in love with the city and the nature. Beautiful beaches and warm climate make antalya properties very popular for foreign buyers.

2nd house in antalya is the main reason why to buy in Antalya. Many europeans and russians want to spend their retirement in this warm climate with low life costs. Properties in Antalya also offer comfort and luxury. Villas for sale in Antalya allow the buyers nice villas with swimming pools to an apartment cost in Europe.

Cheap apartments in Antalya is also available for those who cant afford a villa. These apartments cost quite low and still you can enjoy all the beauties of Antalya.

Antalya property prices are mostly given in Euros and it is a common fact that they are affordable to buy if you are looking for a 2nd house for your vacations.

Antalya old town properties give the buyers another option rather than contemporary design properties.

Antalya luxury villas for sale offers many options and different types according to all needs.

Antalya property prices start from 50.000 Euro to 500.000 Euro depending on the property type.

It is a clear fact that Antalya property sales increase day by day.

Apartment buildings for sale in Antalya and investment properties in Antalya are also attractive opportunites for foreign investors.

To buy property in Antalya that is live for 12 months of the year will not disappoint you at all.