Buy Property in Istanbul Turkey

Buy Property In Istanbul: When it comes to search for a property in Istanbul, you need to clarify the purpose of your purchase first.

If you want to have a valuable property that will make you double your investment or you want a good rental income then your address should be Istanbul.

To buy property in Istanbul is very much easy for all foreigners. As I said above it all depends on your purpose and what kind of a property you are looking for. Istanbul has a wide selection of properties addressing for everyone.

There is a selection of old property in Istanbul at our property page.

The property prices in Istanbul differs according to the type of the property and the area. The most expensive areas are the ones having bosphorus view or the ones located right beside the bosphorus.

The apartment prices start from 30.000 USD to 2.000.000 USD in Istanbul. If it is a resale or a flat in an old apartment can also be found less then 30.000 USD.

Villa prices start from 150.000 USD to 150.000.000 USD. The buildings and mansions beside Bosphorus are considered the most precious properties so the upper limit priced properties are mainly located in that area.

If you need help while your search, you can call or email us or speak to us via skype and our professional sales experts will respond all your questions and make the buying process smooth and easy you.

There is a property for sale in Istanbul for every budget so please consult for an expert to give you guidance.

Buy Property In Istanbul