Buy Property in Kemer

Buy Property in Kemer: Those interested in purchasing a tiny, coastal resort rather than a bustling urban scene might have a look at it. In addition to receiving good honors for tourists, expat groups of all nationalities have acquired villas and made their homes there, demonstrating its value. So, let us look at why put Kemer on your list of potential destinations when buying property in Antalya. House hunters in Turkey have several reasons to purchase property in Kemer, Antalya. On Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, this little upscale vacation town is located. Kemer, which is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and backed by the Taurus Mountains, is not as well-known in the Turkish property market as Antalya city center.

  • Local Attractions: Local facilities, such as pubs, shops, restaurants, and transportation links, are another area where Kemer excels. Our clients all agree on one thing: Kemer is spotless clean, from the streets to expensive cafes to the town fountain and landmarks. However, because the area is touristy, restaurants take center stage, and locals and visitors can pick from a variety of international menus as well as traditional Turkish restaurants.
  • Close to Antalya City Centre: If you want even more options, Antalya city center is only a few of hours away. In Kaleici’s old town section, you’ll find large retail complexes like Antalya Migros among small boutiques and artisan enterprises. Antalya’s main center also pushes the envelope in terms of upscale restaurants and nightclubs. We enjoy spending days strolling around Antalya’s city center, which has a variety of sights and places to relax, including the Konyaalti neighborhood.
  • Many countries offer international air travel: Every home buyer in Turkey want convenient travel schedules so that they can visit their property as frequently as possible. In the case of Kemer, Antalya International Airport, one of three touristic air transport hubs serving the Mediterranean and Aegean Turkey, takes the top spot. The airport offers full summer schedules from and to hundreds of destinations and connects to Istanbul’s new airport throughout the winter. Antalya airport, which has won multiple honors, is only 50 minutes away from the Kemer resort.
  • Beaches and Tourist Attractions: If you enjoy lengthy lengths of beach, Kemer will not disappoint. There are several to select from, and Goynuk is one of our favorites. Most tourist-friendly beaches also provide water sports to keep the kids entertained. Aside from sandy beaches, there are other tourist attractions, including as the famed Mount Tahtali cable car ride and the neighboring Aspendos ruins. During the summer, we enjoy going on daily boat outings or going on a jeep safari.
  • Long Term Property Investment: In the Turkish property market, anyone looking to flip houses or earn quick money would be disappointed. Villas for sale in Kemer, on the other hand, are an excellent mid- to long-term investment. Take a look at the property market in Kemer and compare pricing to those in Spain, Portugal, or France, and you’ll notice a significant difference in prices per square meter. Turkey also boasts a cheaper cost of living and lower property upkeep costs.
  • Climate ad Weather: Turkey features a variety of climatic zones. Kemer provides plenty of scorching summers and pleasant winters. This is especially ideal if you plan to relocate to Kemer in the future. Summer temperatures reach their peak in August, while home purchasers spend January sitting on patios in only a T-shirt. It’s worth looking at villas for sale in Kemer – Antalya because of the weather.
  • Multicultural Environment: Only one nationality is attracted to some Turkish tourist spots. Aegean Altinkum, for example, mostly attracts British visitors and expats seeking for property for sale in Turkey. Kemer, on the other hand, attracts a large number of European visitors and expats of many nationalities. All of this comes together to form a mini-United Nations, with a lot of cultural impact as well as traditional Turkish heritage.
  • Rental Opportunity: Investors will be glad to learn that apartments and villas in Kemer provide high rental yields of up to 7% to 9% per year. As Kemer grows more popular year-round, prices will rise by an average of 10% per year. Of course, if you rent out your Kemer villa, you must follow all applicable rules, pay rental income, and market the property. Kemer’s rental potential, on the other hand, will appeal to buy-to-let investors.
  • Property in Kemer: Kemer property offers stunning settings and tranquility, as well as views of the high Taurus Mountains, which draw a large number of visitors each year. Some people buy property in Kemer as vacation homes, investment properties, or year-round residences. Apartments for sale in Kemer are located in modern complexes with good communal amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds for children, landscaped gardens, and 24-hour security. Older style affordable residences in need of refurbishment or new luxury villas on individual plots or in tiny private complexes are available for sale in Kemer. Due to the surrounding landforms, some properties do not have sea views, but some do have spectacular nature and mountain vistas. Expect a diverse property portfolio from which to pick.