Buying Property in Turkey: Tips and Pitfalls

Buying Property in Turkey: Foreign investors find property in Turkey to be particularly appealing. It is a land rich in natural beauty and historical significance. Foreign investors should be aware of some of the perils and risks associated with investing in Turkish real estate. Here are some pointers to ensure a seamless and secure transaction.

Make an appointment to see the property after you’ve chosen a real estate agent in Turkey. It is critical to go see the property you are considering. Buying real estate sight unseen is never a good idea. Make plans to visit Turkey. Foreigners frequently choose property based on price, which might be problematic. There are typically explanations for why certain possibilities are less expensive than others. Investigate the property to learn why.

Before buying a property in Turkey, the first thing a buyer should do is study the company with which they are dealing. You may do a lot of simple things to study a firm. Checking out a company’s website to see how it looks is an easy method to learn more about them. Is it a website that contains all of the information you require? Does it appear to be professional? Find and use all of the company’s contact information. Make sure you get the professional response you want when you call the office. Ascertain that someone in the office speaks your original language to ensure that all communications are complete.

Inquire about the agent’s assistance in arranging travel reservations to Turkey and inquire about an agent discount. Remember, you’re the customer, thus you should expect some help.

Many international investors make the frequent mistake of working with too many real estate agents. This can lead to misunderstandings and be costly. Examine your options and select the best agent for you.

It is critical to hire an independent lawyer. This way, you’ll have someone who is solely focused on your own interests. There are a slew of complications that can arise, particularly if you hire an unskilled agent. Issues with the deed may arise; an experienced lawyer can assist you in resolving these issues. Lawyers can also assist you with inheritance laws. Inheritance rules in Turkey may differ from those in your home country.

Foreigners should also be aware that military permission is required before purchasing property in Turkey. The military must approve the land to ensure that it is not a military base. This can be done on the spot, and the title deed will be approved in two to four weeks.

Buying Property in Turkey