Estate Agents in Istanbul

Since the property sales in Istanbul has been increasing, the number of estate agents automatically has increased as well.

Foreign buyers and investors try to find a reliable estate agent in Istanbul to find a good property and help them during the buying process.

The things you should be careful about choosing the best estate agent in Istanbul are the same in anywhere in the world.

First, choose an estate agent that can speak English fluently. Second, make sure that you can always reach your agent via email or telephone. One of the handicap is the estate agents in Istanbul that they do no pay much attention to email communications.

You can send lots of emails or enquiries and you can get an answer in a week or in a few days if you are lucky.

If you are abroad and searching for a property in Istanbul, make sure that the estate agent you are working with always responds your email in a few hours or maximum in the same day.

This is business and if the other party is responding to emails in days then we suggest you to find another estate agency. This is no joke and this is your savings at stake.

One last problem among real estate agents in Istanbul that after you buy your property and you still some help or advice, they show low interest or do not even respond to you because you already bought a house and estate agent already got and spent his commission gained by your purchase so who cares if you face a problem afterwards!

Global Turkey Property has always been with his clients before and after their purchase. Even if you do not buy a house and still have questions about property market in Istanbul, our experts will be immediately answering your questions via email or phone.

As Global Turkey Property, we believe that we can always make money and earn commission by selling houses but we pay more attention to gaining people and keep our reputation in international area.