Get Turkish citizenship by investment

Get Turkish citizenship by investment: Turkish citizenship can be obtained in a variety of ways. One of them is obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment under the terms of the new Turkish naturalization law.

Turkish citizenship by investment

The Turkish government took a number of notable moves in this regard, including enacting the Turkish citizenship by investment law, which allows anybody who owns a property, or a number of properties, in Turkey with a value of one million US dollars to get Turkish citizenship.
After that, the decision was amended multiple times. According to the most recent version of the law, persons who possess real estate worth 250,000 US dollars in Turkey are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship with their family members, including a wife and children under the age of 18.

The real estate sector has become one of the most important areas to which the Turkish government pays special attention as the number of investors selecting Turkey for residence and investment has increased. The Turkish government is attempting to attract more investors by offering a variety of incentives in order to draw large amounts of hard currency into the country.

The requirements for gaining Turkish citizenship by investment are as follows:

  • Keeping the property for three years with a promise not to sell it before the time limit expires.
  • Except for a small number of nationalities who are not authorized to buy property in Turkey, this judgement applies to most nationalities.
  • The property is worth more than $250,000.00 US dollars.
  • The property was bought from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish legal entity, such as a Turkish construction firm.

Some documentation must be presented when applying for Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey. The following is a list of them:

First, there are the supporting documents.
For the applicant, his wife, and their under-18-year-old children, namely
Contract of marriage
Original passports are required.
Each person’s birth certificate or birth declaration.
A family declaration (sometimes referred to as a family book or a family card).
For each person, there are four personal images.
Documents from the source country must be legalized.
The translation of identity documents into Turkish and certification of those documents by a notary public in Turkey (Notre).

The second is the real estate title deed (Tabu)
It is also feasible to file a title deed for a property that is currently being built. It’s known as a “Floor easement,” and it’s typically provided by the building contractor in order to get money for the job.

A valid property value appraisal report is the third need.
It can be received from one of the Turkish government-approved real estate evaluation institutions.

Fourth – Receipts for payments
Payment receipts must be supplied from the buyer’s account and signed by the sending bank.

Fifth, receipts for money received
Receipts must also be produced in the seller’s account, with the receiving bank stamping them.

Note: Applications for Turkish citizenship through investment are normally approved quickly, within 90 days on average.

Turkish citizenship by depositing money into a Turkish bank

The new Turkish naturalization law acknowledged the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship by depositing $500,000.00 in a Turkish bank. However, the funds should be held for at least three years. If your deposit is in an Islamic bank, for example, you may be able to benefit from investing it during the deposit period.

Depositing money in a Turkish bank is one of the conditions for gaining Turkish citizenship.
When seeking for Turkish citizenship by depositing money into a Turkish bank, certain documentation must be supplied. Here’s where you can locate them:
– The naturalization applicant’s personal documents, as well as those of his wife and children under the age of 18, were translated into Turkish.
– Open a bank account at a Turkish bank and furnish an account statement for the amount of the $500,000 or more conditional deposit.
– A three-year reservation statement for the amount deposited.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through the employment of Turkish nationals

According to Article 12 of Law No. 5901, the owners of enterprises operating in Turkey can gain Turkish citizenship if they employ 50 Turkish residents and meet the following criteria:
– A minimum of 50 Turkish people are employed by the company.
– Turkey should be the company’s headquarters.
– Paying employee costs for social security, social, and health insurance on a regular basis, particularly in the last six months before applying for naturalization.

The required documents for obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing Turkish citizens

Business owners that want to get Turkish citizenship in exchange for employing a large number of Turkish nationals must provide the following documents:
The proprietor of the company, his wife, and children under the age of 18 have their identity documents translated and validated by Notre Dame.
A commercial registry from one of the Turkish Chambers of Commerce, along with documentation demonstrating the employment of at least 50 Turks.
Demonstrate that the institution does not owe the Turkish Tax Department any money.
A list of the employees who are registered with Social Security.
Demonstrate that the company has no outstanding indebtedness to the Social Security Administration.
A statement from the company stating that it has not incurred any financial penalties.

Get Turkish citizenship by investment