How do I buy a property in Turkey?

If you wonder the answer of how can i buy property in turkey? then we suggest you to read this article

Buying property in Turkey has no difference compared to buying a property in any European country.

First of all, you need to set your budget and decide which city and which areas you are interested in Turkey.

If you dont know about cities or popular areas then you should consult to a real estate professional in Turkey to get guidance.

When you have a budget and a target why you want to buy a property in Turkey then the real estate professional can inform you about the cities and the areas that will fit your aim

Global Turkey Property has been helping and guiding foreign buyer to find the best property in Turkey according to their aim and budget.

The procedure is quite simple. When you find suitable property in Turkey, you will either contact the estate agent or the developer himself. You will be sent a sales contract and asked you to send a downpayment then all is done!

If the property is an off-plan then you will wait for its completion to transfer the title deed on your name if the property is already completed then you will need to go to land office together with the owner and transfer the title deed on your name. So simple!