How to pay When you buy a property in Turkey

The only way to buy property in Turkey is to pay via bank transfer or wire transfer. There is no way to pay cash. The reason is that the legal paperworks to issue your title deed. You need to prove that you have paid the property to the seller or the construction company directly. The bank receipt is one of the obligatory documents to issue the title deed on your name and apply for Turkish Citizenship.

You dont need to transfer the payment from your homeland. Since your aim is to get Turkish Citizenship, you have to open a bank account in Turkey. To sum up, when you decide on a property, first of all you need to get a tax number which you can get in a day. When you get your tax number, the same day you can go to any bank in Turkey and open a Turkish bank account on your name. After that, you can make the money transfer from your homeland to your Turkish bank account.

The same condition applies when you buy a semi finished property. Since you need to wait for the completion, you will be paying in installments. Each installment needs to be done from the same bank account who will apply for citizenship.

Our professional team or your laywer can easily follow up the procedures and pay the property you want to buy.

Global Turkey Property team will be ready to help and guide through the buying process. If you want we can follow up the legal paperworks and get your Turkish passport.