Kanal Istanbul mega project

Kanal Istanbul mega project The omnibus bill, which includes regulations on compulsory traffic insurance, the Kanal Istanbul project and the cancellation of general health insurance premium debts, has passed into law after receiving parliamentary approval.

The omnibus bill stipulates amendments to some laws, statutory decrees and the law relating to pensioning off needy, poor and homeless Turkish citizens over the age of 65. Turkish citizens above the age of 65 who are proven to be needy will be put on a salary as long as their state of neediness continues. The law will exclude those who receive a salary from social security institutions, are engaged in insured employment, are paid alimony, are likely to be paid alimony or are paid an allowance in accordance with the Social Services Law.

The law stipulates that compulsory automobile liability insurance must be regulated on special principles when it comes to the relevant rules of indemnity. It clarifies that general principles must be applied if a case cannot be evaluated in line with special principles. Accordingly, indemnities within the scope of compulsory automobile liability insurance will be subjected to the relevant law and general requirements that are prepared in line with that law. The provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations relating to tortuous acts will be applied in the case of issues about indemnities and spiritual damages that are not regulated by laws and general conditions. Also, some regulations are being made to resolve disputes on compulsory traffic insurance more quickly. The regulations stipulate that the aggrieved party should make a written application to the relevant insurance company before appealing to litigation for the compulsory automobile liability insurance. If the insurance company does not give a written answer within 15 days or if a dispute emerges on whether the given answer satisfies the demand, the aggrieved party will be able to file a suit or appeal to arbitration.

General health insurance premium debts that should have been paid by the end of 25 years of age will be waived. However, general health insurance premiums that were paid before this regulation will not be returned or recompensed.

The bag law also brings legal arrangements to Kanal Istanbul and other waterways. It brings legal status to waterways defined as “a canal that is artificially created in line with a construction plan that enables transportation by means of marine vehicles.”

Lands and parcels belonging to the Treasury and local government authorities in areas where waterways will be constructed will not be sold to municipalities and local authorities to meet public requirements and will not be used for other purposes. With the exception of highways, the construction of roads and waterways –where access control is applied — will be covered by partnership interests. Those who employ individuals receiving welfare benefits from the Family and Social Polices Ministry will be given insurance premium supports. The Family and Social Policies Ministry will cover insurance premiums for private sector employers for one year starting from the start day of employment for unemployed individuals who are registered in the Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR) and who receive social financial aids on a regular basis in line with the Social Assistance and Solidarity Fund Board’s decision.

According to Anti-Terror Law specifications, those who are recognized to have rights by the Family and Social Policies Ministry will be appointed to positions in accordance with their state of education and without being subjected to examinations by public institutions and organizations. The State Personnel Administration will make assignments by lot. If terror victims do not have a spouse or any children, their brothers, sisters and parents will take advantage of employment rights. If there is no one among right holders under the age of 45 who can exercise the right to employment, right holders above the age of 45 will be able to exercise it.

Kanal Istanbul mega project