Off Plan Properties in Turkey

Property buyers and foreign investors are aware of the fact that buying an off-plan property will make you save up to 50% of your investment.

That means you will be buying the property at half price and when it is completed which is maximum 2 years you automatically double your investment.

However, the image may not always be as it looks. Important factor here is choosing the right off plan project and more importantly the right developer.

When you plan to buy an overseas off plan property you definitely will need a good reliable realtor to guide you.

You can make online searches about which developers or which off plan projects are the best but still you can never know what is really happening.

If you want to buy off plan property in Turkey, the same rules apply for off plan properties or property developers in Turkey.

We suggest you to find a reliable and professional estate agent in Turkey to inform you about the property developers and off plan projects in Turkey.

Global Turkey Property has a good selection of off plan properties in Turkey developed by the best construction companies in Turkey.