Palestinians can buy Property in Turkey using their travel documents

Palestinians can buy Property in Turkey: The Palestinians‘ identification credentials were not authentic, but Turkish authorities accepted them for the purpose of purchasing property. In the current circumstances, having a recognized passport of a country is required in order to purchase property in Turkey. As a result, they were unable to purchase a home in Turkey. Now, according to an adjustment made to the corresponding circular on March 6, 2019, Palestinians can buy real estate in Turkey using their travel documents. This law also applies to nationals of other nations with travel passports such as Egyptian, Lebanese, and other nationalities.

Palestinians to invest in real estate in Turkey

Furthermore, for holders of travel documents, purchasing a home without a passport is only possible if the “stateless certificate” is issued.

Many Palestinians who want to buy a home in Turkey are in the same boat. Many Palestinians registered to buy property in Turkey, but were unable to secure a title deed. It is discovered that the hurdle for Palestinians buying a house in Turkey is that their travel documents are not recognized as valid legally. Given the circumstances, the authorities have established an exception to the circular for Palestinians, removing the barriers to purchasing a home with a travel document. The sale of property to Palestinians was made possible as a result of this agreement.

Citizenship in Turkey is available to Palestinians.

Foreigners who buy a property in Turkey for at least $250.000 USD may be granted Turkish citizenship, according to a rule published in September 2018. Palestinians can now take advantage of this opportunity by acquiring a home and applying for Turkish citizenship. It should be noted, however, that the approval of travel documents issued by certain nations (Egypt, Syria) is subject to governmental review.

In recent years, the Turkish real estate market has risen to prominence as one of the most important marketplaces for foreign property buyers. Global Turkey Property, which is actively involved in the improvement of property sales to foreigners, identifies difficulties, and works with authorities to find solutions, will continue to be a leader in the sector’s healthy development. We feel that this will be well received by Palestinians. As a result, we welcome Palestinians to invest in real estate in Turkey.

Palestinians can buy Property in Turkey