Property in Turkey

Turkey is one of the favourite countries for property investment.

Every city of Turkey offers different features. As the country surrounded by sea and natural forests including every shades of green, every part of Turkey is valuable and worth to invest.

The popular areas and cities are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea areas.

Istanbul is one of the biggest and most crowded metropolitan cities in the world. Both its history and beauty affect people that is why millions of tourists visit Istanbul every year.

Antalya and its districts are also very popular among European and Russian buyers. Alanya has hot summers and warm sunny winters so 360 days of the year you can enjoy the sun and beautiful nature.

Black sea has amazing large forest and beautiful hills right beside the sea. The weather is not as soft as Antalya but its natural beauty is unique in the world.

Mediterranean and Aegean areas offer beautiful seaside properties and a live night life. Most of tourists prefer to spend their holidays to enjoy sun and sea during the day and the clubs and bars at night.

Both for property buyers and tourists, Turkey is one of the key destinations both for its beauty and competitive prices.