Did you know that if you get Turkish Citizenship holders can easily apply for a business visa in the UK? UK provides a unique permit available only to Turkish citizens so you can relocate to UK via Turkish Citizenship. If you have been rejected to relocate to UK because of your nationality, you can simply change this unfair situation. Just invest in a property in Turkey and have a Turkish Passport.

As Global Turkey Property, We can begin the UK application for a Turkish Businessperson Visa once you have received your Turkish passport. Becoming Turkish Citizen takes a few months for a minimum property investment of USD 250,000.

One of the benefits of becoming Turkish Citizen is that you dont have to give up your own passport. Turkish Government allows you have a dual passport and it doesnt expire at all. It is a life time citizenship that your descendants would also benefit.

The only thing you need to do is to keep your property for at least 3 years. It is a win-win case if you think. You will enjoy the benefits of What Turkish Citizenship offers such as visa free travelling to more than 115 counties and obtaining e-2 investment visa for USA and business visa for UK.

In all steps, our team will guide you and lead you until you get your Turkish Passport and business visa.