When you obtain Turkish citizenship, you and your family can easily relocate to USA under the E-2 Investment Visa.

As everybody knows USA does not accept many nationalities to live or invest in USA. They require e-2 investment visa. However many nationalities are rejected to get e-2 visa no matter how much money they want to invest. That is why people mostly from Iran and Afghanistan prefer obtaining Turkish passport through investment.

Investing in property in Turkey is the fastest and cheapest way to become a Turkish Citizen and enjoy its benefits.

Investing only $250.000 will make you gain the right to relocate and live in USA easily. Turkish Passport holders can easily apply to e-2 visa and start a business in USA and immediately relocate to USA.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship takes only 3-5 months and then you will be eligible to move to USA or any country.

There is no obligation to live in Turkey to obtain Turkish Citizenship. Global Turkey Property will guide you through all the steps till you get your passport. And the best news is, you dont even have to be present in Turkey before and during the buying and application process.

Thousands of people have already got their passport via our service so dont be late and contact us to start the process of becoming Turkish Citizen.