Resale Apartment for sale in Istanbul

Resale Apartment for sale in Istanbul

There are many resale apartments in every region of Istanbul.

The prices are changing according to the condition of the property however it is a fact that they are cheaper than the big off-plan projects.

There are advantages and disadvantages of buying a resale apartment in Istanbul. First of all the condition of the property and the building will be old and it will be difficult to make changes inside the property unlike off-plan apartments.

Another disadvantage of buying a resale property in Istanbul is that you will not be given an option to make the payment in installments so be ready to pay the full price once you agree to buy.

Advantage would be that the property you buy will be cheaper than off-plan projects and you will have no surprise after you buy it. In off-plan or under construction projects, you will be given promises and both the agent and the developer will say yes everything you ask but when it is completed you will see that you have a property different than what you asked for.

Resale properties do not have such risk because it is right there and you see and touch it. You can check the view or ask the other residents if the building or neighbourhood has a problem or not.

Either way, you need to have a reliable estate agent to show you some resale properties in Istanbul.

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