Resale Property in Istanbul

Istanbul is big and beautiful city with full of opportunities and different kind of property options.

Off-plan projects are available in all regions either as a villa or an apartment.

You can also find residences and high class sea front properties.

Resale market is something that most foreigners ignore while looking for a property in Istanbul.

Off-plan plan developers offer discount and provide installment plans but this doesnt always mean that you will have the advantage in buying an off-plan project.

In other words, developers and estate agents always suggest foreign buyers and investors to buy an off plan project.

One reason is that developers pay higher commissions than the sellers having resale property. Another reason is that it is easier to persuade and sell an off-plan project to a foreigner.

The buildings will be under construction so foreign buyer will have no objections or complaints as the property hasnt finished during the sales. This way, estate agent can give any promise just to close the sale and get his high commission from the developer.

Once the project completed and foreign buyer come to see his property, estate agent would mostly not show any interest to the buyer to listen his complaint as he already got his commission and spent it long time ago.

This cruel fact in real estate sector happens in all countries as well as Turkey.

For this reason, if you are planning to invest in a property in Istanbul, do not consider only off plan or new projects. Cooperate with a reliable estate agent to take you to see some resale properties so you can make comparison.

Global Turkey Property has been guiding foreign buyers and investors about the properties in Istanbul for years.

Either buy property from us or not, we are here to help you to answer all your questions not to waste your time and money.