Tips for buyers

Tips for buyers:

  1. If you’re buying off the plan in Turkey, look for a builder with a good reputation and review previous projects. Make sure you can put your own personal touch on the property to set it apart from others in the same category. This may increase the value of the property or make it easier to sell.
  2. Attempt to lock in a deal by purchasing in sterling, ensuring that the price you agree to is the price you pay.
  3. Recognize that construction procedures in other nations may differ from those in the United Kingdom.
  4. Be prepared for any local utility outages – power outages and water shortages do occur from time to time!
  5. Purchase a wireless dongle to allow all members of your family to access the internet from wherever on your home, eliminating the need for everyone to battle over the internet!
  1. Take sterling out of the country to convert into local currency; you’ll usually get a higher exchange rate.
  2. Identify the most costly supermarket products in other countries, then stock up in the UK during the year when those items are on sale or on promotion, and take them with you.
  3. Use your duty-free allowances as much as possible at the airport or on the plane. Local spirits are likely to be substantially more expensive than imported spirits.
  4. Find out where the medical and dental services are located. You never know when you’ll require their services.
  5. Investing in a local English-speaking cleaner with internet access and a webcam to keep an eye on your house and keep you updated is a good idea.
  6. To get the best rates, book flights as early as possible in the year. Use a website like to compare prices.
  7. A property that is closed up for the majority of the year requires plenty of ventilation.
  8. Compare the cost of building and contents insurance in the UK and locally to see if any savings may be found.
  9. Research inheritance rules in your area and write a will that complies with them.
  10. Be willing to make concessions. A sea view will set you back a lot more money, but keep in mind that the sea is just a large body of water that rarely changes. Away from the water, you can still obtain spectacular views, and the resulting price savings may allow you to purchase a larger or different property.
Tips for buyers