Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD: Foreigners who spend at least 250.000 USD in a property in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship in a relatively short period of time. The amount of money invested is split between one or more properties, which might be residential or commercial.
Investments can be made in US Dollars as well as equivalent foreign currencies or Turkish Lira. The recent revisions to Turkish Citizenship Law are only available to people who purchase their properties after September 19, 2018. Foreign investors who bought their properties after December 12, 2017 can apply for Turkish citizenship if the total worth of their properties in Turkey is at least one million dollars. Those properties cannot be sold for three years due to program criteria.
On the basis of property investment, not only foreign investors, but also their spouses and children under the age of 18 will be eligible for Turkish citizenship. The time it takes to evaluate a Turkish Citizenship by Investment application ranges from 45 to 4 months.


Visa-free travel is available to 121 countries.
Full free medical support for life, for all family members included, if you have one of the top 30 passports in the world.

Included are pension programs.

Education is provided for free, as well as University Reimbursement Plans.

26 Schengen Zone countries will have future visa-free access to the EU.

Throughout the year, it has one of the nicest climates in the world.

Families can live in a democratic and safe environment in this modern and secular country.

Excellent Medical Facilities (better health services than US and EU)

Excellent Educational Resources

You may have a stable investment with consistent income while also obtaining one of the most sought-after citizenships in the world.


Permanent Turkish Citizenship can be obtained in as little as 4 months with no additional payments.
Includes a Turkish ID card
There is no requirement of donation.
There is no requirement to be in Turkey throughout the application period.
After obtaining Turkish citizenship and a passport, there is no need to reside or live in Turkey.
Turkish passports are valid for ten years and can be renewed indefinitely. There is no requirement to declare your wealth.
Multiple citizenships are permitted in Turkey.
Applicants seeking Turkish citizenship through property investment do not need to serve in the military.


Institutions that are unprofessional or inexperienced, which may result in your application being rejected. As a result, neither your 250.000 USD investment nor your efforts are at risk.
Constant increases in property prices due to great demand for both the Turkish Citizenship Program and homes in the region’s most politically stable country.
To the loss of 250.000 USD in purchasing power in the economy as a result of the Republic of Turkey’s independent Central Bank’s implementation of a floating currency exchange rate.
Due to international and local public sentiment against the initiative, the minimum investment level of 250.000 USD may be increased or the program may be terminated.
Those who claim they can go around government regulations in order to get your money should beware, because irregular applications will eventually be discovered and repercussions will be imposed.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD