Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship: Why invest property in Turkey?Turkey is now one of the top emerging economies because of its consistent politics and stable inflation rates for the last decade. High lending rates and reasonable prices compared to other investment destinations in Europe make Turkey one of the favorite countries to develop construction projects for international developers and buy properties for investment purposes especially to get Turkish Citizensip.

Cheaper life costs, beautiful climate and unique beauty of Istanbul are some of the reasons why buyers are interested in buying a house in Istanbul for residential purposes.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Foreign investors are welcomed to apply for citizenship through investing in Turkey. With recent legislative reforms, the Turkish Republic has begun to issue citizenship to individuals who invest in Turkey without requiring a minimum period of residence.

The citizenship option has become even more appealing since the minimum investment amounts have been cut in 2018, and the entire procedure may now be completed in 2 – 3 months.

Citizenship is also awarded to the applicant’s dependent family members, with no necessity for family members to make separate investments.

Holders of Turkish citizenship by investment have access to the following benefits:

  • Permanent residence permit
  • Permanent right to work and invest with no restrictions in Turkey
  • Visa-free travel to many countries
  • Simple visa application process

Requirements to obtain Turkish Citizenship

  • Easiest Way to obtain Turkish Citizenship is by investing in a property worth $400,000 in Turkey
  • You can obtain Turkish Citizenship only in 3-5 months
  • You can buy a house, a workplace or an estate to start the citizenship application process
  • After the purchase, application process will start at the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.
  • As your agent, we will prepare the documents required by Turkish Government in accordance with the legislation
  • Right after your application, real estate appraisers will determine if the property worths $400,000 or not
  • You must not sell or transfer your property for minimum 3 years after you get your citizenship.

Benefits of Being Turkish Citizen

  • Travelling to more than 115 countries and relocate if you like.
  • Entire family will be eligible to get Turkish passport (children up to 18 and disabled children at any age)
  • No need to reside in Turkey before or after citizenship
  • Turkish Citizenship will be valid for lifetime and transferable to your descendant
  • Free Healtcare and Education services Turkish Government provides
  • Free pension programs
  • Turkish Government offers the most affordable investment limit compared to other countries
  • Living in Turkey is much cheaper than any other country
  • Opportunity to old dual or multiple citizenship
  • No need to speak Turkish to obtain citizenship
  • Citizenship application process starts immediately
  • Easily relocating to UK or USA

Who can buy property in Turkey?

Except the nationals of Armenia, Syria, Cuba, Israel and Cyprus, all other nationals are allowed to buy property in Turkey.

Necessary Documents for Turkish Passport?

  1. Biometric Photographs
  2. Birth Certificate (showing birthplace, date of birth, parents’ name, etc­)
  3. A document showing the marital status (married/divorced/single)
  4. Passport Copy
  5. Power of Attorney

Do you need a lawyer?

Even if it is not a legal requirement to hire a lawyer, we advise you to use a lawyer while buying a property in Turkey to save time and have a smooth and stress free purchase process. The cost of a lawyer may vary 1.500 USD – 2.5000 USD depending on the lawyer. The lawyer can also go through the paper work after buying the property like TAPU (title deeds) and Iskan (habitation license).

Please Note: Please keep in mind that the information provided on this website should not be taken as legal advice and is intended for guidance purposes only.

Turkish Citizenship
Turkish Citizenship