Villa for Sale in Antalya

Bigger families or those prefer to have an independent property along with pool and garden choose to look for a villa for sale in Antalya.

Villa prices in Antalya start from 65.000 Euro up to 500.000 Euro. The price differs according to the size and location of the villa.

If you want a 250 sqm villa on a 1 donum of plot with a big swimming pool of course its price will not be same with a semi-detached 120 sqm villa.

Either way, you can buy a luxury villa in Antalya for around 200.000 Euro.

This price does not even buy a 1 bed apartment in Europe but buys a wonderful villa in Antalya.

Relocating to Antalya is very common among Europeans and Russians because of low life expenses and wonderful nature and climate.

That is why properties in Antalya gain value each day.

Antalya offers great villas for your comfort and your budget.