Where to Buy Property in Altinkum

Where to Buy Property in Altinkum: Didim’s estimated 2,000 resident expats prefer to be a step back from the busy Altinkum seafront, most of which closes down during the winter months, unlike Didim town. They prefer places like Third Beach, Mavisehir, Yesilkent, and Apollo Temple.

Second homes are popular in central Altinkum, the new Marina Road, Hunters Valley, and Akbuk. Local Turkish people tend to congregate in Didim’s center, which is home to one of Turkey’s largest covered markets, the Pazar.

Altinkum is not a concrete jungle, and there are height restrictions – seven storeys in the Didim area and five storeys in the beach areas – ensuring that it will never become a high-rise city.

Quality new two-bedroom apartments in Didim or Altinkum are currently available for £35,000-£45,000, or £28,000-£40,000 for a resale apartment in a small private block or larger complex. A small villa will cost between £70,000 and £90,000.

Akbuk, Yesilkent & Mavisehir

As Akbuk’s planning permission is very different from that of neighboring Altinkum, there is more green space in Akbuk, but in the coming years, there may be several resorts and spas there. The general consensus in Didim and Altinkum is that the area is still in its early stages, with further development expected to put it on par with other Turkish hotspots.

While Altinkum receives the majority of the attention, it is only one of a few areas worth considering in the area. Yesilkent is a leafy area with small beaches and villas, while Mavisehir has a quaint fishing harbor and spectacular sunsets.

Akbuk, a much smaller resort 20 minutes round the coast from Altinkum, is where people buy for the tranquillity and views. Property in Akbuk is frequently more expensive than in Altinkum, and construction has slowed due to the difficult terrain. A three-bedroom villa starts around £100,000, a new one starts around £135,000, and apartments start around £35,000.

Where to Buy Property in Altinkum