Where to Buy Property in Belek

Where to Buy Property in Belek: Many of the developments appear to be very similar to one another, so while there is nothing authentically Turkish about it, there are some high-quality properties available.
Some may argue that Belek lacks soul, but the main attraction of Belek real estate is its proximity to golf courses. Many of the homes here were purchased by investors specifically for onward holiday rental purposes, primarily targeting the golfing fraternity.
However, keep in mind that private rental properties must compete with high-quality hotels that offer low-cost all-inclusive vacations – and front-row beach access.

However, Belek appeals to true golf enthusiasts due to its variety and quality of courses – and the Russian market appears to love it for its modern purpose-built luxury.

Golf Properties in Belek

It is simply not possible to purchase frontline golf or beach property in Belek – integrated golf properties such as those seen in Portugal or Spain, for example – because they do not exist. This is because the entire land mass adjacent to the beach and sea must be leased from the owners – the government – who reserve it solely for hotel and leisure use.
As a result, all new developments are built in rows in the strip of land immediately behind the golf and hotel resorts, which extends all the way to Kadriye.

Apartments start around £50,000, resale villas around £100,000, and mid-priced quality new villas with private pools around £250,000.
However, you can find the odd three-bed resale villa for around £70,000, as well as plenty of two-bed apartments for this price. As is always the case, location is crucial.
If you enjoy a few rounds of golf but don’t need to play every day, you could do what many expat residents and second homeowners do: buy in more scenic – and less expensive – locations near Belek, such as Side or one of the coastal developments between Belek and Side.

Non-golfers (or golfers’ families) can then enjoy the beaches and amenities of a bustling town.

Where to Buy Property in Belek