Why invest in the real estate market in Turkey?

Why invest in the real estate market in Turkey?: Turkey’s real estate industry has earned international acclaim and reverberations, drawing global money to participate in real estate and commercial ventures in Turkey. The Turkish government has opened the way for larger investment flows by enacting legislation and providing incentives for investors to enter the high-potential Turkish real estate industry.
Turkey’s geographical location in the heart of the world, the beauty of its landscape, and its human and economic resources all contributed to the Turkish economy’s success. It was a point of connection and attraction to various worldwide markets throughout history.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship and receiving privileges as a Turkish citizen in Turkey

If the value of the purchased property is $250,000.00 or more, the owner of the property can apply for Turkish citizenship for himself and his family right away. Obtaining Turkish citizenship entitles you and your family to social security, treatment at the country’s most prestigious government hospitals, and free education in Turkish government schools and colleges. In addition, possessing the right to vote in municipal and political elections throughout the country.

Benefits of obtaining a Turkish passport from a country other than Turkey

Turkish passports can be issued to the investor and his family members once they have obtained Turkish citizenship. It is well known that the Turkish passport entitles its holder to enter more than 100 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival at the airport. This offers up a lot of possibilities for travel, residence, and investment in other nations.

Real estate market in Turkey

The quality of Turkish real estate is comparable to that of Europe, and in some high-end complexes, it even exceeds it. When it comes to the launch and building of luxury residential and commercial complexes, both government and private construction enterprises adhere to these criteria.
Residential complexes with excellent specifications are considered one of the best investment opportunities in Turkey, as these complexes are created with highly stunning finishes and exquisite marble ceiling decorations.

In addition, the lavish interiors feature cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge equipment, and integrated services.

Buying real estate in Turkey

Due to the presence of multiple offers and advantageous prices during the construction phase, in cash or in installments, the return on investment is higher in real estate projects that are still under construction.
When you invest in new cities and regions with a bright future in urban growth, such as the construction of transportation networks, airports, new metro lines, and significant development projects like the New Istanbul Canal project, you can quadruple your income.

When it comes to commercial real estate, there is a lot of profit and interest to be had, especially because it is also more expensive than residential real estate. While you may easily start your own firm in any commercial activity by forming a corporation in Turkey in a matter of days!
Living in Turkey, surrounded by the most stunning landscapes and sea views, in modern towns and neighborhoods, and with a modest cost of living, is an excellent investment.

You may obtain the best residential and commercial offers on the Turkish real estate market. As Global Turkey Property, we are also happy to provide after-sales services like as property maintenance and legal follow-up for gaining residency or Turkish citizenship.

Low real estate prices in Turkey

In comparison to many other countries, Turkey’s real estate market is quite inexpensive. Because Turkish real estate values are established in Turkish lira, but foreign cash is in difficult currencies, the discrepancies in exchange rates might be invested in the buyer’s benefit.
For instance, an apartment with outstanding specifications in a fully-serviced residential complex can be purchased for around $ 50,000, tax included.
Also, we recommend that you take advantage of the investment options available in the Turkish real estate market, where, after buying a house in Turkey, you may profit from resale profits or rent your property during the busy tourist seasons.

Why invest in the real estate market in Turkey